Jolyon Maugham will not be prosecuted for clubbing fox to death

The distinguished remain supporter tweeted on 26 December that he had killed a fox with a baseball bat even as wearing the gown after it became trapped even as seeking to get inner a chook residence in his again lawn in primary London.

The incident become broadly condemned on Twitter and changed into brought to the eye of the RSPCA, which urged all and sundry with first-hand information of the incident to report it.

The charity announced on Thursday that when undertaking an research, which concerned independent experts, a veterinary pathologist and a forensic vet, Maugham could not be prosecuted. Its prosecutions department concluded the evidential threshold had to convey a prosecution became not met as the findings recommended the fox become killed rapidly.

“It is critical to keep in mind that it isn’t always illegal to kill a fox, but if pointless struggling is brought on, a criminal offence can also were dedicated.”

Maugham welcomed the choice, announcing in a announcement: “I recognize that some were actually disenchanted through my moves on Boxing Day and the tone of my tweets. I am profoundly sorry for that dissatisfied. It changed into my purpose to carry in a lightly deprecating manner the incongruity of my Boxing Day morning. I got that incorrect.”

The RSPCA said it did no longer condone the killing of healthful foxes. It delivered that the precise manner to protect farm animals turned into with precise fencing and deterrents. When a fox is tangled in fencing, individuals should purpose to humanely free the animal anywhere viable, the charity added.

I did not have the posh of time to reflect on the competing moral methods of the RSPCA and Natural England. Of route, I respect the one of a kind exams others might, similarly fairly, have made.”

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